Somerset EV

Agricultural Electric Conversion Service

About Somerset EV

Somerset EV was created with the aim of bringing electric drive trains to the agricultural industry. We are now offering quad bike and UTV electric conversion services.

In the future we plan to extend this to small tractors. Please get in contact if you have a project in mind and we can discuss your requirements.

Quad Bike and UTV Electric Conversions

Somerset EV can convert your old quad bike to electric. We can also restore old components and carry out general restorations. This results in an economical way to replace an ageing or broken down machine. Your converted machine will be much more economical, reliable and greener than a combustion engine alternative.

Prices for conversions are variable, material costs for the lowest spec model are around £2,000. We can convert any sized quad to your specifications.

Electric Car Conversion Consulting

With an increase of availability in second hand EV component converting your ICE car to electric has never been cheaper(relatively speaking!). Although we are not carrying out car conversions in house we are happy to consult and provide some advice on potential pitfalls. As well as sourcing components.

Tractors and Agricultural machinery

Many small farm machines are ideal for electric conversion, especially those with low power reqreuiments and low daily useage.

Tractors are a long term aim with a potential prototype conversion starting in 2022. The use case being a yard tractor with a loader and scraper rather than field work.